Floki got pierced by a piece of the fence #emus #birds #animals

Floki got pierced by a piece of the fence #emus #birds #animals

Floki has done it again. Poor baby.
Fortunately, I discovered it and was able to help him.

Foreign I felt something hard sticking out of His chest In the beginning I thought it was a Feather pen but it was much thicker When I take a closer look it was a sort Of like stick sticking out of his chest Maybe a fish from the fence I must take it out I have to disinfect it first Otherwise I can't find the wound again It's a thick layer of feathers I also have to clean and disinfect my Hands well because I can't wear gloves Right now floggy loves to pick in my Gloves And then I can get it done in a safe and Correct way It's a washing sanitizing my hands and Properly it was time to take it out It didn't go easy because it was really Stuck in the skin I have to take it out in two pieces One part from the top and the smaller Part from the bottom of the wound It didn't bleed at all The color is from the iodine Here you see the line Where it was in the skin And the smaller part That are removed from the bottom side Afterwards I get some extra cuddles from Him He didn't seem very impressed

It won't heal very quickly thankfully Here he is happy as always

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