Alpaca / Emu party #nl #fyp #animals

Alpaca / Emu party #nl #fyp #animals

I promise you this will make you happy !!!

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Our most popular dance Song:
Music: Shug-a-lug
Musician: The Kentucky Headhunters

[Music] Jug Jug make you want a ho burn you don't You know CH look CH Look grap wine in a mason jar homemade And brought to school by a friend of Mine after class being him man this of The fool aside that well drank up what Left chug look so we helped ourself First time everything may still ring jug Jug makebe want a h High ho burn you Don't you know jug jug for ra F on a field trip to the farm me and a Friend s off behind this big old Barn Where we uncovered up covered up Moonshine still and we thought we drank A feel and I swaddled it with a smile I Run 10 mes jug love jug Love make it want a high to Ho bur don't You know ch ch box All something like I never seen hey I'm Just going on 15 but with the help of Myle in unle I get snu in my First I said let me have a big oldp I Did a double back flip jug jug look and Make you want a ho Burn you know jug Jug jug [Music] Jug Down [Music]

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